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Ogoh Ogoh Parade

One day before the Hindu new year, the Hindu people in Lombok have a Tawur Kesanga ritual which mean to purify Bhuana Agung (macrocosmos) and Bhuana Alit (microcosmos) as well as naturalize negative power from Bhuta Kala. The Tawur Kesanga ritual is usually held in West Lombok and Mataram city during Tileming Sasih Kesanga. The Tawur Kesanga ritual usually begins with the Ogoh ogoh parade. An Ogoh ogoh is statue to visualize Bhuta Kala. This statue is to give more focus to people throughout the Tawur Kesanga ritual. During the Ogoh ogoh parade the statue is spun around before being faced in the right direction. after that the statue is cremated to ensure that the bad spirit won’t disturb the people again.

Male’an Sampi

Male’an Sampi is highly exciting Lombok tradition that always has the power to draw a crowed. The event is actually a series of cattle race held on a water logged race track 100 meters long. The local Sasak language the meaning of Male’an Sampi can be divided into two world, male’an meaning to chase and sampi meaning cow. Male’an Sampi is a favorite pastime for farmers and cattle breeders in West Lombok. This event is usually held at the planting season when the farm is empty and the farmers and cattle breeders get together to stage the race.

Gendang Beleq Festival

The Gendang Beleq Dance is one of Lombok’s famous local dances. it is so named because the musicians beat a huge (beleq) drum (gendang) that set the well – defined ‘Lombok’ rhythm to which the dancers perform. in the olden days this dances was performed to say goodbye to soldiers heading for the battlefield and again when they were welcomed home. this dance whit it’s distinct sound is now performed to welcome important guest.

Senggigi Festival

Senggigi festival is a week of cultural events to promote Lombok tourism, which will be held in the Senggigi Resort area and organized by the Department of Tourism, Art and Culture West lombok, artist and cultural observer and by tour agencies. During this event, all the color of Lombok’s arte and culture are brought together in one central location so as to be easily experience by all. Domestic and overseas guest are invited to join the event. Some important event that are going to be present include.

Painting Kite Competition

This event is oven for everyone, especially children. it’s designed to incurage children to explore they imagination and aspiration through they talent which is paint.

English Speech Competition

The competition is designed to encourage the younger generation to use more English. Especially since West Lombok relies on tourism. The more people who can speech English means more information can be given to tourist.

Stick Fighting Festival

Manhood and heroism is a total criteria are shown into a game called Perisean. The fighter called Pepadu use a stick as a tool to fight and perisae which made of Cow’s skin as a shade to protect themselves from getting hurt. Sportive is becoming the main requirement in this game with a referee called “Pekambar” will act as a judge. A simple traditional music will accompanied this game as a spirit lifter. it is usually held during the dry season. This game is also a performance to ask for the rain from the God.

Takbir Competition

Takbir is a praised to GOD, because Muslim people have completed one month fasting period, and was successful in suppressing they passion. Those happiness showed through a Takbir and Tahmid and play in a mosques. And after a while, Takbir and Tahmid are shown as a parade. Takbir is paraded at the end of the fasting month after the last breakfast.

Lebaran Topat

Lebaran Topat is a cultural event related to the Moslem religion in Lombok. Lebaran Topat as the tradition to celebrate Lebaran and recreation by bringing traditional food “Topat” with variety of side dishes including vegetables, it’s held in the 7 day after Idul Fitri. Lebaran Topat is Held particularly in the West Lombok, started to pray to happiness and prosperity in the mosque, musholla, family grave yard and followed by recreation along the coast line, the traditional food “topat” and variety of side dishes including vegetable dishes.

Mulang Pekelem – Mt. Rinjani

The Balinese Hindu are have been in Lombok since event though they live in Lombok over generation they are still maintain their culture and tradition. One of the tradition is Ngaturang Peklem at Lake Segara Anak, Mt. Rinjani. Pekelem means gives some offering to God like gold and buffalo heads as a expression of gratitude to god for his blessing everything in life. Thousand of pilgrimate will go up to Lake Segara Anak, some times pilgrimate as the far as Bali will come to this event. beautiful panorama of Mt. Rinjani will make them keep coming back next year.

Perang Topat

Perang Topat (Rice cake War) is a ritual ceremony which is performed as a expression og gratitude to God for his blessing of fertile soil plentiful agriculture produce. This event is performed in Lingsar Park by both Hindus and Sasaks, who throw rice cakes “topat” at each other. The show begins at 16.30 p.m after Pedande Mapuja, when the Waru flower fall (Rorok Kembang Waru). The ceremony is usually held every year at the time of sixth full moon (according to the Sasak calendar) some time in November or December. Topat is a plating if coconut leaves filled with rice and boiled.

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